Oak Glen Preserve

The Wildlands Conservancy's administrative headquarters is at the Oak Glen Preserve. Situated at 5,024 feet, the preserve is adjacent to the steep escarpments of Yucaipa Ridge in the San Bernardino National Forest. The 2169 acre preserve includes prominent peaks the Conservancy purchased to prevent exploitation of private lands within the National Forest and to promote the expansion of the San Gorgonio Wilderness. These peaks include Wilshire Peak (8,707 feet) and Galena Peak (9,324 feet), an important lambing ground for bighorn sheep. Habitats encountered on the main trail include ponds, streams, wetlands, oak and pine forests, chaparral, and willow woodland.

The preserve headquarters is at 103-year-old Los Rios Rancho, southern California's largest historic apple ranch. Each year, more than 300,000 visitors make the scenic drive to Los Rios to pick apples, picnic, hike, participate in environmental programs, and enjoy homemade apple pie. The Wildlands Conservancy acquired the ranch when it was being marketed for residential subdivision. The Conservancy has entered a long-term lease with third and fourth generation Oak Glen Apple growers to operate the orchards, packing shed and bakery. The lessee, Riley's Frontier Events, celebrates working the land, log cabin living, and hosts a country music venue.

Oak Glen, California  
Open Year 'Round - Mile High Fun For Everyone!
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oak glen schoolhouse
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Historic Oak Glen Schoolhouse 

Regular Hours: 12:00pm-4:00pm Saturday & Sunday

Fall Hours: (Sept, Oct, Nov) 12:00pm-4:00pm Wednesday - Sunday
Closed: in rain, snow or if the grounds are wet

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Facebook: Oak Glen School Museum
Email: oakglenschoolmuseum@gmail.com
Phone: 909-797-1691

Schooling is an important aspect of any community. In Oak Glen, the first class was taught by Miss Foy in pioneer Enoch Parrish’s living room. For the next several years, she taught school in his cobbler shop.
 A wood schoolhouse on skids was built in 1889 and used for 38 years. It was moved by a team of horses from one side of the glen to the other.  Its most permanent home was on the Wilshire Ranch next to the creek across the road from where the stone schoolhouse is located. There was also a playground for the children and a corral nearby for the horses that were used as transportation to school.

In 1927, the community decided to build a two story permanent structure. It had standard “stick” framing with an exterior of stones brought by horse and sled from Mill Creek. It replaced the wood schoolhouse and provided students with “modern” central heating consisting of a coal burning heater downstairs and “modern” indoor plumbing. The school served the families in this apple growing community for 37 years. Because the building failed to meet the newest earthquake standards of 1965, the school was closed. It currently houses a collection of vintage desks, books and teaching materials.

San Bernardino County Special Districts operates and maintains the building and the park grounds. An independent support group, the Oak Glen School House Museum and Park Association, works closely with Special Districts and sponsors several fund raising activities. Your membership in the association is encouraged and appreciated.

Be sure to attend the Museum’s annual Open House and Mountain Music Day and Oak Glen’s annual Apple Blossom Festival, and Apple Butter Festival. Remember to enter your favorite pictures of Oak Glen in the Museum’s Annual Fall Photo Contest. For more details, please visit Facebook page Oak Glen School House Museum and/or the website oakglenschoolmuseum.com.

The beautiful Historic Oak Glen Schoolhouse is open 12PM to 4PM Saturday and Sunday. Group tours may be scheduled for other days and times. You are welcome to rent the community room, pavilion or gazebo for your parties, meetings and other special events. Call 909-797-1691 for more information. The surrounding park, with its new playground, is open during daylight hours.
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