Oak Glen, California  
Open Year 'Round - Mile High Fun For Everyone!

Oak Tree Animal Park

Come visit the Oak Glen Petting Zoo? Some of our animals include ponies, Macaws, laughing Kukaburras, Goats, Pigs and Deer. The new addition is our beautiful baby goat. We bought it at auction several weeks ago and are bottle feeding it.  In our Petting Zoo there are a lot of baby animals for your kids to pet and lay down next to. Along with the Petting Zoo, we have Pony rides for the kids and a Trout Ponds to fish in.

Tuesdays - Fridays during the Fall Season only.  
Tours begin at 10am.
Group size 25 minumum

The Little Seedling Ranch & Petting Zoo is geared towards our younger guests. Children can visit with the barnyard critters, scale the hay bale fort and mini-maze, play in the log cabin area and meet Johnny Appleseed.  
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Parrish Ranch is home to a variety of wildlife. A large family of miniature sheep live at the ranch and are sheared each spring to the delight of the visiting school children. There are also pygmy goats, a miniature donkey named Miss Covergirl,  Apples, a miniature horse, and a miniature Angus cow named Georgia. In addition to the livestock there are emu, a variety of chickens and peafowl.